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Good security solution for business computer networks
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avast! Business Protection is an advanced security solution for business networks. It is divided in two main components: one for the server side and one for the client computers. Installing the server solution takes a long time because it requires many other programs (e.g. SQL Server). After the installation is done, the Administration Console automatically opens in the default browser. From there on, setting up the network security is easy. The wizard greatly helps, offering organized steps and tips on how to configure everything properly. Things are made accessible, a link with the software for the client machines is offered, helping you save valuable time and giving central access to what is needed.

AVAST Software has a well known reputation for offering many quality security solutions and this one is no exception. Considering today’s threats, even home users need an antivirus to protect their computers, but for a business company it's vital as they can lose much more than just a password or a few hundred dollars from a bank account. Data can be stolen, software can get infected, and all this can cause all sorts of problems including serious financial loss (due to resources lost, sensitive information stolen, projects being compromised).

AVAST's Business Protection comes equipped with everything needed for centralized security. After everything is installed and configured, the server monitors the whole network offering you reports and tools to keep your intranet safe and private. The big advantage of this program is that it’s not overcomplicated like most software of this kind. Even with medium computer knowledge, you can find and execute tasks needed for the security of your network.

The interface is web-based. You open a page in your browser and you find a menu that is well organized. It has 5 tabs containing summary status, network view, jobs you can execute, reports and administration options. Each tab is subdivided and clearly labeled with what you can do there.

Another advantage of this software is the trial option, meaning you can try it for 30 days, cost free. That way you can test it and see if it suits your business’ needs. If you decide to buy it, you’ll find that it’s not expensive at all. This version does not include email protection so if you need that you can go for the Plus version.

Effective, fast and easy to use, avast! Business Protection may be the right solution for your computer network. Certainly worth a try and probably worth to buy.

Alice Blest
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  • Easy to use
  • Good price
  • Effective
  • Sandbox feature
  • Centralized solution


  • Does not include e-mail security
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